Tuesday, 8 December 2015



it's pretty sad when you try your best to do something, but ppl dont thank you for your hard work. you used up all your energy just to do it, but ppl dont value it. they treat your work done like trash.

I dont get it. why these kind of ppl still exist in this world? srsly, the world doesnt need ppl like you, who dont know to appreciate things. what a shame to even live like that.

I think by saying thank you is already good enough. that person will definitely feel appreciated. that person will feel loved. for example, cooking. even though her cook is not that good, say thank you. because she used her time and energy just to cook for you. she actually can just ignore you, not to cook for you but she does it because she feels like it is not okay to do that to a person. then, why dont you feel the same too? I mean, it is not okay to not say thank you. seriously. ppl gotta rid of this kind of attitude.

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