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WORK #myveryfirst


so long my blog!!! since I finished my spm papers until I got my spm result, I never got the chance to update this blog lol. I was so freaking busy with my work (acah macam kerja besaq) lol just like others, aku pun kerja juga yelew cari side income gitu kakaka. so 18th may was my last day working. oh before that, I worked as a waiter (i also cant believe it guys, I mean how come a fatso can work as a waiter kan usually yg cantek jewww gitew ko) my last day work was awesome da bomb I was so happy for god sake only He knows how happy I was.

team abang zul!

service for team abg achong :)

being a waiter wasnt easy. you gotta deal with people with different kind of attitude. kalau yang baik tu allahurabbi memang baik betul, semangat nak serve. kalau yang cerewet sikit, masyaallah waiter lain tolong serve pls! lol. still remember when the restaurant was full house and there was only Bat and me as the local waiter. maigod penuh gila bakhang. serve sana sini masyallah dapat tips rm10 :')) lol.

we have two shifts. morning shift and closing shift. if you asked me to choose one, i would go with closing shift! i hate morning shift bcs we have manager to watch all of our steps haahhaahhahaha ok kidding. closing shift is the best sebab bila closing and kemas outlet, boleh relax relax, nyanyi kuat-kuat ahhhhhh still remember masa closing team abg achong, me and the girls nyanyi lagu marry you by bruno mars tu kuat-kuat. macam-macam nama sebut, moner la, khim la???? kakakkakakaaka perangai. rindu :'(

pi melaka yabedabeduuu

balik dari melaka singgah duluuu kakaka

kampung fried rice my fav!!

one of the things that i love about my workplace was the workers. alhamdulillah i got the chance to work with my own bestfriends! Ainaa, Nad and Zazi :-) there was this one month i was asked to change my team and yup, masuk team yang ada ainaa nad and zazi. mula-mula lepas working hour mesti lepak dekat table 39, outlet no2. lepas tu dia makin meleret, pi makan pizza sebab craving. tak lama kemudian pi melaka pulak lolllllll #theperkofhavingfriendswithlicenses lol. banyak sangat hang out, too many money wasted ;p, but its okay because we created a lot of memories :) 

'pagal-pagal' sekalian

bonding time!

and being there, i also worked with foreigners from Bangladesh and Nepal. all of them are nice and good people. my mindset about those foreign workers totally changed after i met them. dorang semua ada peranan masing-masing. some of them are so good in malay sampaikan we felt like 'ok boleh amik spm' lol. but most of them cant speak malay so we spoke in english. grammar tunggang langgang pekesah as long as that person got the messages.

on my first day working, i didnt know anyone. and the first person i knew was tilak. we girls, panggil tilak 'lives' saviour' lol because everytime kitaorang in trouble, mesti dia tolong. and yes, out of all workers dia paling mengada, yela tahu cakap melayu hahahaha. and tilak suka eavesdrop -__- there was this one time, i was cleaning a table with tilak and the customer didnt finish her ABC and i was like "tilak, belanja saya ni" "apa miss?" "em takde papelah tilak" and i walked away. i thought the conversation ended there, but when i was busy 'admiring' monerul, tilak came toward me and showed me a bill. he said "ni miss" and i was like "siapa punya tilak?" "you punya la". P04 Brownie Vanilla Top, table 18. i looked at table 18 and there was nobody. dang, this guy bought it for me. i warned him "tilak next time you buat macam ni lagi siap kau" lol. and when he was busy serving food to customers, i immediately took my wallet (yes i dont use purse, i use wallet) to pay the P04. lepas tu tilak nampak and then pelesup dia lari tak kasi bayar. aku siap gaduh dengan tilak dekat cashier sampai abang zul dgn moner pun tried to solve our problem lol. there was also this one time tilak cakap nak pergi econsave to buy food. aku saje cakap "tilak, i nak vitagen" and tilak was like "apa tu?" "ala air yang tu. em takpe tilak. saya nak coke. bukan coca cola tau. pepsi" "ok miss" and then he came back with vitagen lolllll. sumpah i tell you tilak ni baik sangat. even though sometimes his tongue is sharpen than a tip of a sword -__- apapun i was so angry masa tilak belanja P04 bcs the price is too much for a vanilla ice cream and sepotong brownie??!??

vitagen tilak kasi :-)

my partner, ajay. probably the most annoying person on earth! lol. asyik nak bergaduh je. and gaduh for a very simple thing je pun lol. masa awal awal kerja, he was probably the coolest waiter ever because the way he walked and serve the food was so damn good! sampai sekarang pun i still admire the way he do it. and dia yang paling senyap dulu but me being me, aku yang buat dia banyak cakap hahahaha. barely have a selfie with ajay because everytime we took some selfies using his phone, he immediately delete them all. because he hates me that much -___- hahahahaha. i was on my break time and i had only rm5 with me. masa tu lapar bakhang so i ordered P01, Pappa Cendol. and of course, more santan, more ice and more gula melaka :p and masa tu ajay jaga outlet belakang, and there was no customer so he ordered S10, French Fries. ajay asked me to belanja him but i told him "you see my wallet. my money finish" and he was like "aiyo" hahahaha. and then he paid for my cendol :-) lepas tu aku bragged dgn haikal kut, cakap ajay belanja. haikal was like "ajay, why you no buy me food? why you buy for fatin?" ajay "fatin many times say no money no money. so i pay" HAHAHAAHAH TAIK AYAM punya jawapan! 

left: kaka
right: baba

baba farok. favourite semua orang. why? because he is like a father. at first kitaorang addressed him as uncle. but ada satu haritu, aku saja la cakap "uncle! eh taknak lah panggil uncle. panggil baba lah" and sejak tu semua orang ikut panggil baba including our supervisor achong lol. some of the nepali and bangla pun ikut. and baba was the first person from kitchen yang aku tegur. ada sekali tu team achong pi makan luar, bonding time gitew. pastu baba balik, singgah workplace and jumpa aku then cakap, "baba cakap sama masud, anak baba semua ada sini. ainaa, nadzirah, izzazi. tapi ada sorang anak baba sedang kerja" and i almost cried..... hahaha 

baba noor. ok we actually didnt call him as baba. we addressed him as 'kaka'. kaka means uncle. sebab dari dulu memang semua orang panggil kaka. but i called him baba sometimes because everytime he saw me or other girls, he called us 'betee' which means daughter. and one of the reason why i called him baba was because he told me that i look alike his daughter. and his daughter is news anchor. he proudly showed his daughter picture/video to all of us. well, ayah mana yang tak happy bila anak dah berjaya, kan? :) kaka, he can read me well. there was a moment when i was so sad over this one thing but i cant remember what caused me that, kaka told me "betee, you sad?" and at that time i was like "kaka, you really understand me well". ada sekali tu juga i was so mad because of AJAY (kan dah cakap, ajay and me selalu gaduh). ajay gave me a nickname that really pissed me off. i was so freaking angry sampaikan monerul & anowar panggil, i ignored them all. then kaka told me "betee, you angry?" "no kaka, i no angry" "yes, i know you angry" he smiled. seriously, kaka is such an observant. and kind! ada sekali tu there was an old man looking things for recycle. uncle tu nak ambil besi tu but that thing was quite deep in the dustbin so uncle tu tak sampai nak ambik. kaka was smoking by that time. when he saw the whole situation, he gave his cigarette to shamim and he helped the old man. i saw what happened and i was sooooo damnnnn touched. seriously kaka, you da best!

monerul. masa first day kerja aku rasa dia ensem. amboi bangla pun jadi ke jia?!!??! oh come on. kalau korean handsome boleh, pasaipa bangla tak boleh? kakaka. what im trying to say is, we shouldnt differentiate others, they are still humans. ok continue. he is that kind of handsome but arrogant guy lol. tapi lama-lama, we became closer. we even contact each other until now. monerul ni banyak buat aku sedar kut. why did i say that? ada sekali tu aku gurau kasar kut i dont remember but i asked him, "moner, you angry?" "no la. islam say angry no good, haram" adumak aih deep zZZzzzZz. masa awal awal kerja i was kind of stressed sebab i couldnt understand what he said lol seriously. bila dia cakap mesti aku "ha?? apa??" and dia pun stress lol. a lot of memories i made with him, nak cerita rasa banyak sangat and iolls seganssssss luls.

anowar. anowar ni bestfriend si moner. these two guys siap main tulis tulis surat and i was the postman -____- idk what to say about anowar bcs right now nothing about him that crossed my mind!!!! ahahahahahhaha ok now i remember. anowar suka bagi aku buah. or to be specific, mangga. ada sekali tu dia simpan dalam chiller and bila aku break, dia bagi huhuhu. anowar suka sangat nak bagi roti canai everytime morning shift. aku tolak sebab rasa tak sopan pula. AMBOI TILAK AJAY SEMUA DAH BELIKAN KO MAKANAN KO AMIK, DGN ANOWAR KATA TAK SOPAN LAK KAKAKA. taklah, masa awal awal la aku tolak. sebulan dua sebelum aku quit, aku amik je apa dia hulur hahahaah. because if i didnt take it, he got mad and he wont talk to me -___- ingat ko boyfriend ke nak merajuk -____- ok ahahahaha

oh god i cannot desribe each one of them because the post will be too long! hahahaha. it's not like they read my blog so why bother hahaha ok. apapun, being able to work at this place especially with good people was so amazing that i wouldnt regret. thank you guys for all the food you guys paid for me! Khim, Nimur, Tilak, Ajay, Anowar, Monerul, ha all of you lah! thank you for the gifts too! i love them all and will use them wisely :-) thank you for all memories we made, gaduh gaduh mengada kena sepuk kena spray kena air panas kena kejar hahahahaha those all good times were so much fun. see you when i see you guys again! 

p/s: salam abg achong, saya nak part time raya minggu kedua boleh tak :p
p/s II: salam boss, saya nak full time next year bulan 4 sampai bulan 8 boleh tak? cuti sem boss lol ;p

thank you girls for all those good times we spent together. and of course money on food lol. having my bestfriends as my workmates was soooo fun ok seriously. im sorry for my bad attitude or wtv lah. i miss you guys tiap hari tau! see you guys on this coming cuti raya ok! kalau tak jumpa, i cannot meet you guys until my final exam for sem 1 is over :( lama tau, bulan 11 baru cuti sem :(((((( cant wait to see you guys, and makan kat papparich ofc! :p

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