Friday, 29 July 2016

new place


since 5/6/2016, im officially a foundation student in sarawak. my course is physical science and i got questions like "oh jadi cikgu sukan ea?" "nanti ajar jasmani la ye?" from elders especially during raya like a lot hahaha. i dont blame them for not knowing this course because even some of my friends dont know about it lol o(^∀^*)o i was so excited but sad at the same time because leaving home was something that i had never done before (unless for balik kampung during cuti sekolah. well, kampung we have family members, but at new place? STRANGERS). ive never been to sarawak before and yeap it was #myveryfirst time being here with my parents. we didnt manage to come here with all family members bcs yknow, ticket prices (⌣_⌣”)


still remember how sick i was when i was in the plane lol. ma tried to have a conversation with me but i was so dizzy and i didnt talk to her that much and now i feel like turning the time back because i feel like a terrible daughter for treating my ma that way ⁝(˚͈͈͈͈̥̆₍₎˚͈͈͈͈̥̆⁎)⁝  when we arrived there, we went to jalan jalan around kuching and it was just me with my parents.  i felt like i was the only child by that time lol. on night, after dinner, we went back to the hotel because it was raining heavily (as if the weather knew how i felt by that time, how upsetting i was). i cried for the whole night. 'i dont want to leave my parents' 'i dont wanna go to college' yknow, those kind of stuff.


registration day. after i registered, i went to buy some stuff with my parents and then we went back to the uni and then ma and ayah got to leave because i had activities. hugged my ma and i held my tears because a friend of mine told me not to cry infront of them. only god knows how i felt. only god knows how homesick i was. i cried everytime i didnt have anything to do. i cried when i showered. i cried durng my solat. like seriously, all the time. been homesick for two weeks, can you imagine? on week 3 i started to feel okay like i gotta do this i can do this because on week 5 i'll be back for raya so i was so positive like heyyyy 2 weeks to go we can do this lol.

celebrating ramadhan the holy month in islam without my parents was suck. i miss how full our table at home would look like. i miss my mum's cook. i miss how we siblings used to berebut for chairs to sit at meja makan. i miss ma ayah waking me up for sahoor. like every single thing about ramadhan, i miss them all.

and now, 30/7/2016

im back here after raya and on my first day after raya being here, i was about to feel homesick like i wanna go homeeee but then Mira, she opened my eyes. she said that im here for my parents. im here to be successful and make them proud of me. im here to for REASONS. starting from that day, i dont feel homesick at all. of course i do miss my family but it's not until that crying-all-day-stage. i miss makanan warung in muar tho ( ≧Д≦) but i miss my ma's cook even more especially nasi lemak with ayam goreng and pisang goreng! you can never beat my ma's sambal tumis because it is the best in the world like seriously world champion.

and guess what? i completely move on from papparich LOL YES. im not going to eat there anymore ugh so expensive like how could i manage to eat there like almost everyday ugh smh. and i dont freaking care about those workers anymore because as i said, i move on yeahhhhh.

basically when i told ppl that im furthering my studies in sarawak, most of them responded me with "uish kawin dengan orang sawak la ni" "habis aaaa jauh nanti" hahahahaah. and the funniest part about studying here is, my brother thought that i already have a boyfriend HAHAHAHA FOR GOD'S SAKE I THINK THIS ONE IS FUNNY ENOUGH LIKE CMON IVE BEEN HERE FOR A MONTH AND SOMETHING, HOW DO U EXPECT ME TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND BY THAT TIME? like seriously tho ahahahaah. that jodoh related stuff, i will just pass because Allah knows best right? my priorities are studies and my family for now.

will update soon about how's my college life, is it fun or not, do i have a boyfriend already or anything lol do wait for it!

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