Saturday, 20 December 2014

talking to the mirror part 1


there are times when you feel like giving up on everything, zenbu. sampai satu tahap, kau rasa macam nobody was there when you were depressed, sad, and so on. but think twice. Allah was there with you. and He is still there. it is you who do not realize that there are reasons out of the good and bad things for what He did.

well actually, everybody was there for you, cuma kau rasa terlampau sedih. sampai kau butakan mata, pekakkan telinga kau sendiri.

do not give up. when you feel like doing it, remember all the things your parents did for you. the money they used to raise you well, the sleep time they sacrificed at late of night when you were crying, the good places they brought you on holidays just because they did not want you to feel bored at home and so on.

if you really give up, then you are really a loser.

tapi kau boleh bangkit dan mula dari bawah. endahkan kata orang, kerna mulut manusia penuh dusta.

depa tak mau kamu sampai menara gading. note that.

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