Saturday, 4 April 2015


April 2015.

few months left until 2nd nov. its a big day for me, for my friends, for the 98's liners. im scared for that day to come, so scared that I feel like screaming right now.

Im too busy with co-curriculum activities until I ignore my studies, I delay my homework. but then I talk shit like "eeee banyaknya homework" please realize, dear self. the power is on you. you have the right to change the wrong. it is about you. your life. so control it. fight your laziness.

if you ever feel lazy and give up, remember Allah and your parents. a few months left, dear self. remember. you got the power. others dont. do not feel regret when the fcking terrified day comes bcs you arent well prepared by that time. crying wont change anything.

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