Friday, 4 November 2016

bye bye semester 1

MUO: 3 days left.

guys, im going home in 3 days!! god im so excited to see my parents my family my baby girl nurin & my girls!!! (u can see my excitement over there lol). final just ended and im kind of lifeless??? lol many said that im not supposed to lock in my room, i should go explore the nature around here. babe, i do want to do that but those stuffs cost a lot T_T it is the end of semester and for sure, im broke sobs. do you guys ever feel like 'aiyer so boring final ended i feel like studying' lol that shit is real weh. i feel like studying. and now im so full of regret for not studying earlier and then there goes 'ok for semester two im going to study earlier and watch korean drama after finals' crap i say lol.

during semester 1, i had so much fun. ok lets start with friends. i got to know new friends even though sometimes we didnt say hi whenever we bumped into each other lol. different person, different personality, different manner. some are so freaking nice like whenever they see you, they go like 'hi!!' 'pi mana' 'uiiiii' all that. some would just smile, but some just dont care (i think im actually that type. sorry ppl im not being arrogant, im just so shyyyyyy). for group assignment, i think i had the best group ever because everybody gave their best i guess? our group was listed as one of the best group for chemistry assignment! i was so surprised because the assignment was full of crap, i didnt understand a thing about it but danggg, we won lol. overall, i met good people. and i surrounded myself with them. for the sake of positive vibes!!! lol

ok now my fav part, food. so basically when i first came here, my friends asked me things like "kau makan ulat gendot tu tak jia????" "ok ke makan sana" lol guys dont freak. makan sini semua ok sama macam korang ahahahah. you know what, our makcik cafe's ayam goreng is the best in our college!! god, so sedap crunchy pedas idk how to describe, but her ayam goreng is different wei. it tastes like kfc! or even better! ok nampak tak excited whenever it comes to ayam goreng? hahahahaha k. kat sini aku jarang keluar so i didnt explore makanan luar :( so sad. but i ate laksa sarawak at SCR and it tasted so masyaallah im in love. jjang! i have another 4 years wei kat sini, so still got a lot of time to know this place :-)

ok the third one, residence. the room is just nice, everything about it is fine. but the only thing that i hate is the toilet. i dont know why these girls on my wings dont know how to use toilet properly :( i mean, you guys are big girl already k do i have to teach you how to flush the toilet after used, clean the sink after used etc?? eh cmon girls you guys are here because you guys are smart girls. bukan cikai cikai doooooo amende korang. and know what these girls are so cantik from head to toe. tapi cleanliness tak tahu jaga hurmmmmm :( so sad about this one.

next, bahasa. so sarawakian have their own slang. for example:

tak = sik
tengok = nangga
mahu = mok/mauk
mana = sine

before i came here, some of my friends remind me that sarawakian have their own slang and it will be hard for me to understand. yup, cant deny that. BUT IM EAGER TO LEARN HOW THEY SPEAK. for serious la eh i say, the way they speak are so masyaallahhhhhh lembut sangat. even the boys dont jerit jerit bila cakap. so sopan ya allah aku pun gagal huhuhu. i tried to speak in sawak but then my semenanjung friends be like 'ko takyah cakap sawak, hodoh' kakakakaka i know :') lol

ha before i forget, some ppl might think that kampus aku ni dekat pedalaman. for god sake ah, not weiiiii. ni macam kat muo kat tau dak kat bando hahahahaahaha. semua ada. siap boleh jalan kaki k nak pi shopping mall lulssss. ok thats it.

im sorry, i dont pictures related to food or my room. i just so in love with the nature over here <3

see you again on next sem, beautiful nature!

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