Friday, 11 August 2017

my brother


my asasi life ended almost 4 months ago and i didnt even update my blog. will tell you guys about how amazing my semester two was but not now. im here to write a short post.

so today, while i was preparing myself before i went out, my brother came into my room. he took my al-quran translation and i was like "alhamdulillah finally". i told him "meh akak peluk sikit" i didnt mean it to be honest. i was just kidding. even praising him just now was just a joke. but then he really hugged me. i was speechless.

while i was about to pat his back, he started sobbing. i was startled. i was like "eh kenapa ni???" i was startled. whats wrong with him? i asked myself. then he said "Im mintak maaf. Im banyak buat salah dengan akak" while crying. listening to that, i was about to cry but i hold back my tears. i told him "ehhh apa ni takde lah dah pergi belajar" while i pat his back. he kept crying. i told him that it's alright, go study. he stopped sobbing but still crying and went to his room.

ok so what actually happened? yesterday he went to his school motivational talk and slept over for a night. you know, that typical motivational talk before big examination starts. maybe he was affected by it thus that sorry thing he said to me. despite of knowing that the sorry he said was just temporary, i am still surprised by it. i dont know how to describe what did i actually feel. i was like "what are you saying? you did nothing wrong. do not say sorry".

just realized that im actually a soft-hearted person haha.

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