Monday, 28 August 2017



6 days left until degree life. excited? a bit. but more to scared actually.

why? because the course i will be taking for degree is a course that i need to memorize a lot of things. back then during asasi, my course was more to calculation. during first semester i did terribly but alhamdulillah not during second semester. i was satisfied with my cgpa. 

im not sure if my brain loves to memorize or calculate. im full of doubt of myself. im afraid that i might not be able to take this course. yeap, if you never try, you never know. but im still scared to death. 

being apart from my family again after 4 months at home is the worst. i dont know, i just love my family more than anything. if only they know how much do i love them, they could cry lol.

may Allah give me strength and patience during my 4 years of degree.
may Allah help all of us in everything we do.
may Allah ease.

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